Under the Full Moon
After the tragic death of his daughter, he seeks to find meaning in his life when a couple of thieves challenge him. 

Written and Directed by Ziyang Liu 
Starring Kevin Stephen Jones, Aiden Felgate and Kwame Augustine 
Cinematography by Penqyu Qin
Produced by Xingyu Cui
Production Design by Marei Siewers 
First AD by Chris Mylordos

Screened at the BFI London and International Film Festivals
The Wardrobe
While talking with her boyfriend over the phone, she listens to a sound only an intruder could make.  From then and on her wardrobe is her only escape plan. 

Written and Directed by Dylan Yu
Starring Anne Marte Saetaberget
Produced by Chris Mylordos 
Cinematography by Jack Evans
Production Design by Justina Bieksaite

Screened at the James Hockey & Foyer Gallery. 
Now Available on YouTube

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