The Monster Within Us
Synopsis ​​​​​​​
A surreal approach to a persons mindset with mental health struggles.  

Written and Directed by Chris Mylordos
Starring Anthi Kasinou
Produced by Moona Huttunen 
Cinematography by Peter Musgrave 
Edited by Charlotte Turner 
Music Composed by Vasilis Natsou
Production Design by Marei Siewers 
Sound by Dessiree Adwani

 Completed (not yet screened) 
I Am Afraid To Own A Body 
During the legalisation change of same sex marriage in the USA, a soon to be married gay couple has scheduled to celebrate at their house. 
Unexpected visitors will make this celebration a turning point in their lives. 

Written and Directed by Chris Mylordos 

Currently in development 

In A Heartbeat
A one minute silent experimental short about a heartbeat and the many ways it can be interpreted. 

Directed by Chris Mylordos 
Starring Yanica Mihaylova

Available on my personal Instagram TV. 

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